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Mental Health Month Celebrations for Aurora Healthcare

What's going on across the business this October.

October is a HUGE month for those of us in the mental health industry with Mental health month / mental health week and World Mental Health Day all being observed this month.

While our purpose is to help patient's with their wellness journeys, our 'people first' outlook also includes focusing on the wellbeing of our staff.

This October we take inspiration from the Menta Health Month theme 'We all have a role to play' and turn the focus back to our staff. It's time for the caregivers to think about self-care and put into practice what we preach / teach and share with our patients.

Below we share our best tips for self care this month - raw, unedited, straight rom the mouths (or pens) of those in the mental health industry.

Aurora Corporate Office

The Hills Clinic

Brunswick Private Hospital

South Eastern Private Hospital

Belmont Private Hospital

Toronto Private Hospital

Toronto Private Hospital is hosting a staff barbecue on the 18 October and encouraging staff to wear shirts every Friday for the month.

Deakin Private Hospital

Townsville Private Clinic

Hirondelle Private Hospital

Eden Private Hospital

Robina Private Hospital

As part of our Mental Health Week celebrations we hosted a special "Express Yourself" event with our team and patients to promote and support inclusivity and positive expression in the LGBTQIA+ community.