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iMH expands to Brisbane, marking a new era for mental health treatment in Queensland

Announced today, iMH a joint venture between Amplar Health and Aurora Healthcare, will open its third mental health hospital in Brisbane in late 2024. The expansion further solidifies iMH's commitment to revolutionising mental healthcare delivery across Australia.

The new 58 bed hospital in Brisbane follows the successful openings of Deakin Private Hospital in Canberra and Hirondelle Private Hospital in Sydney. Situated in Nundah, the Queensland hospital will adopt iMH's innovative integrated mental health model, offering in-hospital care alongside expanded support services in home and community settings.

Julia Strickland-Bellamy, Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Healthcare (Australia), remarked, “Nundah Private Hospital will provide Integrated Private Mental Health services to the Northern Brisbane communities. This new model of care in mental health private services is a first for the Brisbane area with the hospital set to open in the second half of 2024. Aurora Healthcare has delivered services to the greater Brisbane area for over 50 years through our Belmont Private Hospital. Nundah Private Hospital enables us to extend our services to the northside of Brisbane, with a new model of care, whilst also leveraging our years of expertise in private mental health specialisation.

“Our aim is to provide great access, choice and flexibility in mental health services," stated Rob Read, Group Lead at Amplar Health. "Our unique model focusses on providing flexible care pathways, including a spectrum of out-of-hospital services such as in-home care, telehealth and care coordination. By extending care beyond hospital walls, we empower patients to achieve longer-term recovery while receiving optimal support in their preferred environment.”

With a combined capacity of 155 mental health beds across the country and comprehensive out-of-hospital support, iMH is well positioned to address the growing demand for accessible and innovative mental healthcare solutions.

"Traditionally, re-admission rates in private mental health facilities hover around 40% within the first year, underscoring the urgent need for a new care model," explained Rob Read. "We take pride in pioneering innovative approaches to mental healthcare, and the announcement of our next iMH hospital opening underscores our unwavering commitment to service innovation, flexibility and accessibility.”

The expansion of iMH's network of mental health hospitals represents a significant step forward in addressing the evolving needs of individuals and communities across Australia. iMH will invest a total of $8.2million into the Nundah project, with both Medibank and Aurora initially contributing $3.4million each.